Look & Feel

Material Character

Strip District mural /  Image: Perry Quan, Wikimedia Commons

Strip District mural / Image: Perry Quan, Wikimedia Commons

Pittsburgh’s Strip District has a unique material identity that speaks to its rich and layered industrial history. The design of the riverfront park aims to pull from the rich palette of materials found in the surrounding area, interpreting them in a contemporary and playful way that infuses the riverfront with life, interest, and authenticity.


Beneath the 33rd Street Bridge /  photo: public domain

Beneath the 33rd Street Bridge / photo: public domain

The proposed material palette for the park includes contemporary applications of weathered steel and layered concrete found in the city’s industrial landscape, with the iconic Aztec Gold of Pittsburgh’s bridges as an accent color for special elements and graphics. It also considers the artistic reinterpretation of industrial relics found on the sites, as well as the introduction of public art and pop-up uses that reflect Pittsburgh’s unique character.

Penn Avenue in the Strip /  photo:  Ehren Zaun , used with permission.

Penn Avenue in the Strip / photo: Ehren Zaun, used with permission.

Trail Character

The design for the trail draws from this unique material palette. The multi-use trail is envisioned to be 14 feet wide and constructed of asphalt edged in cobbles. The length of the trail should be lighted to comfortable, consistent, and safe pedestrian levels with contemporary LED fixtures.

Site furnishings such as benches, drinking fountains, and trash receptacles should be located at key locations where trail users will want to sit and gather. The incorporation of interpretive signage and supergraphics on the trail, utilizing Pittsburgh’s iconic Aztec Gold color, should be considered to mark key distances and historic information.