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Building on the vision for Pittsburgh’s Three Rivers Park, which is planned to include 13 miles of continuous waterfront parks and trails, Riverlife engaged Sasaki Associates to envision the future of the Strip District riverfront.

As development moves ahead quickly on many of the riverfront properties of the Strip District neighborhood, now is a key moment to work with various land owners to establish public waterfront access that would create a continuous connection from the neighborhoods of Lawrenceville and the Strip to downtown Pittsburgh.

Sasaki’s plan for the Strip District considers both a network of parks and open spaces connected by trails along the riverfront, and key perpendicular connections, which draw the community to the riverfront that gives the city its identity.


The Strip District Riverfront Park Vision builds on several efforts in recent years to support development of the Allegheny Riverfront neighborhoods in their transition from primarily industrial uses to riverfront neighborhoods, including the following:

  1. Allegheny Riverfront Vision Plan, a broad vision for the Allegheny Riverfront
  2. Allegheny Riverfront Green Boulevard Plan, a detailed technical study to support economic development, improve public access to the riverfront, and implement transportation improvements in the riverfront neighborhoods
  3. Three Rivers Park Economic Impact Analysis, completed in 2015 to demonstrate the economic impact of riverfront improvements in Three Rivers Park going back to 2000, and build the economic development strategy to support public access improvements moving forward for the Strip District Riverfront Park Vision Plan

The Strip District Riverfront Park vision process, led by Riverlife, engaged Strip District riverfront property owners to explore areas of shared interest in providing comprehensive public access to create a new riverfront park in the neighborhood. These property owners worked with Riverlife as well as Sasaki and public city partners to create a vision of what could be created between 11th and 27th Streets along the Allegheny.

The Strip District Riverfront Park vision reconnects the riverfront to the urban fabric of the community, maximizing public access for recreation and incenting and enabling the highest and best use of adjacent lands. The Riverfront Park introduces alternatives for open space and amenities, including access points; linear parks and riverwalks; pedestrian parks, walkways, and plazas; public amenities; gathering spaces; recreational trails and facilities; regional trail connections; stormwater and ecological improvements; and waterfront identity.