Frequently Asked Questions

What is this?

Strip District Riverfront Park is an open space vision plan for the Strip District between 11th Street near the David L. Lawrence Convention Center and the 31st Street Bridge on the Allegheny River. Riverlife convened riverfront developers and property owners in this area to create a vision plan for publicly accessible open space and new amenities that could tie in with ongoing or planned real estate development on the Strip riverfront.

The vision plan was created by Sasaki Associates, the same firm that created the Allegheny Riverfront Green Boulevard plan that was released publicly in 2014. Sasaki was selected based on the extensive research and public process it had conducted previously in the study area.

What was the process behind the plan?

The Strip District riverfront team began the planning process the summer of 2015 and the vision plan was finalized in early 2016. The Strip District Riverfront Vision plan is an outgrowth of the Allegheny Riverfront Green Boulevard plan that was publicly released in 2014. The Green Boulevard plan was a federally-funded regional planning exercise that looked at 6.4 miles of Allegheny River riverfront in the Strip, Lawrenceville, Highland Park and Morningside, and made recommendations for public open space, transportation, real estate development, and ecological sustainability. That planning process involved dozens of public meetings and incorporated the feedback of thousands of neighborhood residents and stakeholders. 

The Strip District Riverfront Park vision plan builds on that feedback, focusing specifically on the Strip District riverfront and the opportunities there for publicly accessible open space, connections into the adjacent neighborhood, and riverbank habitat restoration. 

Who owns the property that is in the plan?

The riverfront property along the Allegheny River between 11th Street and the 31st Street Bridge on the Allegheny River is owned by a mix of private and public stakeholders. For a full list of stakeholders who contributed to the Strip District Riverfront Park vision plan, please see the Acknowledgements page.

How much will this cost and who is paying for it?

The Strip District Riverfront Park vision plan establishes a shared vision for how the neighborhood’s riverfront can be maximized for public use given the factors in play when it was created. Due to the changing nature of real estate development along this section of the Allegheny riverfront, it is likely that what is actually built may not exactly match the renderings seen in the plan. Because of this, the vision plan for Strip District Riverfront Park does not break out specific construction costs for each parcel.

Who will maintain this park?

Public and private stakeholders will work together to determine the most effective maintenance strategy as the open space projects highlighted in the vision plan move toward becoming a reality.

Will the City of Pittsburgh own this park after it is completed?

At this time, there are no plans for the City of Pittsburgh to own or officially adopt Strip District Riverfront Park as a city park.

How long will this take to be built?

The vision plan assumes that most of the publicly accessible open space improvements would be built or advanced within the next five to ten years.

How will the riverfront trail be affected?

The existing Three Rivers Heritage Trail in the Strip District currently ends near the Armstrong Cork Factory beyond 24th Street. This vision plan calls for a several-block extension of the trail upriver to the 31st Street Bridge. As projects along this stretch of riverfront progress, the existing trail may be detoured at times to allow for improvements. 

Why is Riverlife involved?

Since 1999, Riverlife has taken on the role of bringing together private property owners, developers, public officials and community members to plan the future of Pittsburgh’s downtown riverfronts. Strip District Riverfront Park falls within Riverlife's ongoing mission to create Three Rivers Park, an interconnected public open space system with Downtown Pittsburgh's riverfronts at its core. Riverlife’s experience in master planning and implementation made us a natural fit for leading the Strip District Riverfront Park visioning process.

Who do I contact for more information?

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